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Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder why…



Why? by Rozanne Paxman

If you figure it all out, please be sure to tell me what you’ve learned, okay? I’m listening

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About Rozanne Paxman

Author, blogger, graphic designer, cartoonist, doodler, thinker, do-er, entrepreneur, mom, grandma, and lover of life.


  1. DragonsLady (aka Francine) says:

    Sounds, and looks, like you get wound around whatever it is you’re thinking about. I think that’s normal for creative people.

  2. Hello sweet friend — hope you still remember me — I’ve been away from be able to comment in you blog.. Don’t have
    Internet at my Dad’s home where I am — as I am taking care of my Dad who have cancer. I’d like to know why we have to have cancer?..
    That’s what I am asking WHY cancer..that’s kills the’s just a matter of time now!! garrr..

  3. One more thing — LOVE YOUR blog design… super awesome!!!

  4. Diann Tenorio says:

    I always smile when I read your Brave Little Notes…… I just love them…..

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