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New Photo Walls!


I wanted to create photo walls in my entry for years, but just couldn’t seem to get to it. But yay! … I’ve just finished them and I’m excited to share how they turned out with you.

The hardest part was worrying about how to make everything work together. Pinterest gave me plenty of inspiration, which helped.

The next hardest part was collecting all the frames and deciding which photos to use. It takes a lot of photos to do this.

The third hardest part was deciding if I wanted to paint the frames to match. In the end, I decided to use them ‘as-is’.

Hanging everything up wasn’t too difficult, since we used Command Photo Hangers – the kind made with super-strong velcro. I bought mine at Walmart.

Irony: We decided to use nails for that large family photo at the top of the stairs (below the ‘P’). It was the only item that fell off the wall. The frame broke and Gary had to repair it. We rehung it by using a lot of Command Photo Hangers all along the back of the frame and boy… it’s not going anywhere now.

We discovered that if you don’t push too hard when you first stick an item to the wall, you can adjust it a bit before committing it to its spot. The Command Photo Hangers made the process easier than I had imagined it would be.

No, I didn’t plan it all out before I started. I began with the larger pieces and moved out from there, eyeballing as I went along.

That’s how I roll.

Here are some highlights.


Here’s the view from the entry. The photo wall on the stairs includes photos of our children and grandchildren. The photo wall on the top landing includes photos of our extended families.


The photo wall above the stairs.


I created these family tree layouts with one of my digital scrapbooking kits – Family Tree Collection.


I found this cute frame at a second-hand thrift store. I bought the accents at Hobby Lobby.


More Hobby Lobby accents. Most of the frames came from Walmart. The frame at the bottom of the picture did not come from Walmart. It’s the frame that Gary had to repair when it fell of the wall, so it’s not perfect.


I don’t know why, but the red ‘W’ makes me happy.


I made this needlepoint family tree as a gift for my mother-in-law in 1983. When she moved out of her home, she gave it back to me because she didn’t have anywhere to put it. We got it reframed to display at her viewing. (She recently passed away.)


I love seeing the photos of our family members looking down at me whenever I pass by this wall. It makes me feel loved.

Isn’t it great to finally finish a project that’s been on your mind for a long time? It’s such a relief to have it done.

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  1. Carol from UpLiftingHome says:

    Ro, love your photo wall! Looks fabulous! This has been on my long list as well. And btw, getting lots of use from your “7 ways to get started”…isn’t that just the hardest?

    Take care,

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      Thanks, Carol! And yes… sometimes, getting started is the worst part of doing anything. I tend to build it up to think it’s going to be harder to do than it actually turns out to be. Once I get going, I’m generally okay.

  2. Marylou says:

    Your walls look great!

  3. Very nice. I would love to have one that looks that great. I want to put together a generational line wall that goes all the way back to the 1600s. This gives me some ideas.

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      Oh, that would be neat! Have you ever looked into creating a fan chart? You can make them and print them out for free at (Oh gosh… I need to do that myself!)

  4. I recently put a photo collage up above my piano. I rounded up all the random frames I had, and I bought a few. They were all different, so I spray painted them all black. I love having all the photos of family smiling at me all the time. It makes me happy too.

  5. I love your photo wall. I used to have a giant photo wall by our stairs in our last house. The wall was two stories high and looked fabulous. Everyone loved it and my family pictures were on display. Unfortunately, when we moved I no longer have a good place for a photo wall and my family photos on display have shrunk to a few in a tiny space.

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      That sounds amazing, Sara! Two stories of photos, yikes. If we ever move, we’ll downsize, too, so it will be over. Right now, this house is full of people, so I’m glad we have the room for them.

  6. Looks fantastic! I remember you talking about it when I visited almost 4 years ago. It is great to see it finished. The texture on our walls is too heavy for the command hooks to stick. :-(

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      I had such a good time when you were here, April. But 4 years? Oh wow… It’s crazy that it has been that long.

  7. I love it! What a wonderful way to honor your heritage and add character to your home! I think I’m going to have to go and dig out my photos now.


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