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It’s a Random Life: December 4, 2013 Edition

It’s been quite awhile since I wrote a random life post. I don’t know why. My life is just as random as ever!

So here we go …

First, we’ll start with some cute stuff. Here are some photos of Miss Baylee and Miss Ayla.


She did not want me to take a photo.


She was serious about it, too …


… as you can see.


Tried again. No go.


But she loves cake …


… and Ayla …


… and Halloween.

Now,  on to some odd selections …


Gary grew watermelons last summer. They were yummy. I hope he tries again next year.


My Great Aunt Edith made this afghan for my mother. Mom gave it to me last year. I love pink!


I bought a new star for the front of our home. The old one kept falling off during windstorms and it got so beat up that it wouldn’t stay on the nail any longer. (I purchased it at Gordmans for $9.99.)


A year or so ago, I bought some nice photography drop-clothes and a frame. I have a black one a white one, and a green one.

What was I thinking? I’m not going to become a professional photographer.

I have no idea why I did this.

I am thinking about selling them. I also have two sets of great studio lights, too.

If you live closeby and are interested in them, send me an email. Let’s talk.


Now, this I love … It does the job. I bought it on Amazon.

The apple/orange man and my window washer are still welcome on my porch. Please.

The soap-sellers and survey-takers can go elsewhere. Please.


I bought a Microsoft Surface last August. I chose it because …

A. The keyboard is flat and my wrists don’t hurt when I use it. It snaps onto the Surface with strong magnets.

B. It comes with Microsoft Office. I love to write on it, because it’s easy to take anywhere with me.

C. The screen is wider than my iPad.

D. I love using Microsoft SkyDrive to backup my files. I resisted using it at first (because I also have DropBox), but have found it easier to use. I back all of my writing up on SkyDrive.

I still use DropBox, because DropBox provides the easiest method of backing up my cellphone photos. It also provides a convenient way to send people large files.

E. It has an USB port, which my iPad doesn’t have. This means I can use a mouse with it. Yeah!

F. I download movies from my church’s website to use with my Primary lessons onto it. (Primary is my church’s children’s organization.) The download process is easier than it was on my iPad and the kids love the bigger screen.

G. It was less expensive than buying a new iPad. (Mine is old and won’t take the new updates.)

I have finally adjusted to using Office 8.

What I don’t like about it …

The app store is not as good as Apple’s. Seriously, Microsoft …. Get some more apps.

P.S. I won my iPad and my iPad mini in contests. Too bad, I couldn’t win a Surface, too. I had to pay for this one. Ha.


Miss Baylee loves to snag my iPad Mini and run away with it. Since I have to use it again (because my old iPad is so unreliable now), I’ve had to take it back from her.

The small print on the iPad Mini is killing my eyes. I get headaches when I use it too long.

Miss Baylee doesn’t care which iPad she uses, so we’re good.


Speaking of eyes ….

I cleaned out my top drawer a while ago. I was surprised to discover that I have saved every pair of glasses I’ve owned since I got married in 1976. (See the huge glasses in the front.)

I don’t have the contacts anymore, but just in case I lose my mind and get another pair … I’m all set up with a case.

Since I had eye surgery a few years ago (and therefore, don’t wear glasses anymore) keeping this collection is sort-of ridiculous.

I’ll probably keep them anyway. Maybe I’ll pass them down to my unsuspecting children. Ha.


I applied for some jobs. I really miss working with people. A lot.

I’ve had a couple of phone interviews with a company I’d really like to work for. I am anxiously waiting to find out if I will get an in-person interview. Because I haven’t worn professional clothing for years, (running a business from home doesn’t require them), I applied positive-thinking principles and went shopping.

Wish me luck! (Prayers would be nice, too.)


Candied Yams – my favorite Thanksgiving dish. Gary made them for me.


Molly is always up for a photo. She needs a bath. Gary keeps promising me to give her one, but so far … no go.

Maybe this weekend?

Meanwhile, Molly … you are not welcome to sleep under my bed.

Just sayin’ …


Yeah … I’m excited. Even if nobody buys it, I’m still happy, because this is the message I want to leave behind for my children and grandchildren.

I can die now.


It’s a relief to have it done, though. It was an exciting day to finally hold the book in my hands.


My foster sister, Orlinda, came to visit us recently. We all went to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple while she was here.

Great shot, don’t you think?


I need to retire that blue skirt. It makes me look shorter than I am. And wider.

It that is possible …


My grandson, Travis, wanted his photo taken when he was here for Thanksgiving dinner. In case you’re wondering, he’s standing in front of the black drop cloth.

It works.

I have no idea why he wanted to wear the Santa hat. I guess he’s excited for Christmas to come.

Wrapping it up with something cute …


Miss Baylee smiles for her mama.

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  1. I love your randomness. It makes me think that maybe I am normal for shooting those random shots myself. It is just pieces of my life that mean nothing to anyone else but me and I take the shot (picture) and when I look at them later – I go “Oh my I remember that _ _ _ ” and normally I smile.

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      Isn’t it fun? Sometimes, I just wander around taking shots of weird things. I like them because later, they help me remember the stories of our lives the best. When we take pictures of people, we become so focused on their faces that we cut everything else out. I think the “everything else” is interesting.

  2. Super fun! I love the star you have for your house. I might just need to go to Gordman’s and get me one, too. :) And your grandkids are super cute, as always!


  3. Francine Seal aka DragonsLady. says:

    Hi Ro! Loved this post. A suggestion – you could take all your old, no-longer-worn eyeglasses to the Lions Service organization. They take the glasses to less advantaged people who need them world wide. Better than leaving them taking up valuable space in your drawers. Just a thought.

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      Thanks, Francine. That’s a idea to check into, for sure. My Dad was in the Lion’s Club when I waa kid. He always said that he was going to GRRRRRR!

  4. Fun post. Wishing you luck in the job hunt and sending prayers. I love your book; in fact, I want to send a private note to tell you something that happened to me because of it.

    The last photo and the one of the girls in costume are wonderful, but I love seeing them all – the randomness of life. You make me stop and think … despite its higher purpose, our lives are strings of randomness, both silly and meaningful.

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