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Hey guys!

My new book – God Loves You Every Day – is available as a FREE download today and tomorrow (November 29 and 30th, 2013). If you’d like it, please run right out there and get it while you can.

God Loves You Every Day: 4 prayer steps to receive God's help when you need it most (available at

You can get it here.

If you could, I’d appreciate a review, too. Just tell us what you think.

Thanks … and enjoy!

UPDATED: Promotional download period has ended.

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Get your copy of the printable God Loves You Every Day 8x10 inspirational poster set.You'll  receive other free downloads and information, too!


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  1. Thank you for allowing us to read the kindle version for free. I have already opened it and started reading. It is one of those reads that is compelling and will be a wonderful addition to material to help me with my relationship with the Lord.

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