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10 Tips for Overcoming Fear


10 Tips for Overcoming Fear

Feel free to download this file and print it at will. Please leave the web site information on it (where you got it) and don’t distribute it yourself. Instead, point people here to get it. Thanks much!

To print in Windows.

1. Unzip the folder.

2. Right-click on the image and choose Print from the pop-up menu.

3. Uncheck Fit picture to frame.

4. Hit the print button.

Printing 10 Tips for Overcoming Fear on Windows

Mac users: I don’t have a Mac so I don’t know the quick way to do this. If you’d share the directions, I’d be grateful. Thanks much!

I hope you’ll get it and let it inspire you to go after your own dreams! I’d love to hear your own stories of overcoming fear. If you’d like a pep talk, I’d love to give you one. All you need to do is add a comment to this post! Let’s chat. :-)

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  1. Thanks Ro for the great poster! This will be just what I need in THOSE moments!

  2. Thank you, Ro.

    There are a few times in my life when I really needed to battle fear. I overcame it by taking action – #1 on your list.

    A robbery and stock market losses put us on the brink of bankruptcy. I got up and got jobs (already retired and over 60) – anything I could find. I sold Avon and started crafting. One thing led to another. I now have 2 websites and blogs – one on crafting and one on ageless beauty (staying vibrant, healthy and beautiful as we age).

    I never would have dreamt what God had in mind for us when I started doing odd jobs. I also housesat, painted interiors, clerked in a second hand store and had to learn Spanish to sell Avon! All those connections brought customers for Avon and my crafts, as well as some very special friends. God is truly great and loving.

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      You are so inspiring, Eileen. You constantly amaze me. Thanks so much for sharing this. Makes me want to get off of my duff and do something…

  3. What a wonderful gift, Ro! Thanks so much!
    To download to a Mac, just click on “Download” and the file will probably open right away. If not, go to your Finder “Downloads” folder and double click it. Then in the Preview bar, choose File, Print and you can print it full page; or you can go file, print, Show Details. Change the percentage for scale (I used 35%) and you can print a bookmark-sized version, then just click Print.

    • Rozanne Paxman says:

      Hey… Thanks for that! It will be so helpful for other Mac users to see these directions. It was so nice of you to help.

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