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Free Printable Birthday Cards


Here's some free printable birthday cards for you! They are sized to print out as a 5x7 photo. Enjoy! Now... here's a question and answer session that me and my imagination just held.  Read it and you'll learn how to download the birthday … [Read more...]

It’s a Random Life: Feb. 21, 2015 Edition (Frozen Song)

Miss Baylee is annoyed at Grandma. (Frozen song)

It's been a long time. You'd think I didn't have a life, right? Time to catch up a little. The Frozen Song and Miss Baylee Here's a video I made today about the time Miss Baylee tried to get me to show her the Frozen song on YouTube. I had a … [Read more...]

How to Become the Best You Can Be (The Great Lie)

How to become the best you can be (the great lie) -

"Be a good girl." I can't begin to count how many times my mother repeated that sentence. "Be a good girl." I heard it before I went to school. I heard it before I left the house to play with my friends. I heard it when I … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make Your Life 100% Better

10 Ways to Make Your Life 100% Better -

It wasn’t whether or not I had a brain tumor that mattered; it was the fear that I might have one that counted. The headache hovered on the left, top-side of my head like an Oldsmobile with a flat tire. It just wouldn’t budge. I went to sleep … [Read more...]

New: 2015 Life Planner Update Add-On Is Now Available!

2015 Life Planner Update Pack - Free Download at

Hurray! I've just completed the 2015 Life Planner update. It includes three color schemes, new planning pages, and at-a-glance calendars. Note: The update pack does not include the original Life Planner pages. They are in a separate download … [Read more...]