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How to Change Your Life Even If You’re Scared (Vision Boards)

How to Change Your Life Even If You're Scared (The Power of Vision Boards) -

I was a music teacher for 25 years. And then, suddenly I wasn't. In a flash, I lost the career I'd worked for since I was a small child. I was lost. I was confused. And I had no idea what to do. I took the first job I could find - … [Read more...]

Don’t Pinch Me, Please! Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable


Are you wearing green? You're not? You better - at least, you should wear green on St. Patrick's Day if you want to stay pinch-free. Because I'm anti-pinching, I've just made a little free St. Patrick's Day printable that you can use to keep … [Read more...]

How to use mind mapping to organize your life

How to Use Mind Mapping to Organize Your Life

  Welcome to my storage closet! To the left, you'll find photo albums, old picture frames, unused lamps, folding chairs, an exercise ball, luggage, and loads of files. For your dining enjoyment, I've provided a gigantic Reese's … [Read more...]

Free Printable Birthday Cards


Here's some free printable birthday cards for you! They are sized to print out as a 5x7 photo. Enjoy! Now... here's a question and answer session that me and my imagination just held.  Read it and you'll learn how to download the birthday … [Read more...]

It’s a Random Life: Feb. 21, 2015 Edition (Frozen Song)

Miss Baylee is annoyed at Grandma. (Frozen song)

It's been a long time. You'd think I didn't have a life, right? Time to catch up a little. The Frozen Song and Miss Baylee Here's a video I made today about the time Miss Baylee tried to get me to show her the Frozen song on YouTube. I had a … [Read more...]